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About Silver Logistics

Silver Logistics is a brokerage company engaged in planning all freight delivery stages, carefully considering even the most seemingly insignificant details of the process. As a result, a professional approach and attention to detail can significantly reduce transportation time and cut costs for the client.

Selecting a vehicle that is most suitable for transporting cargo with specific parameters: dimensions, weight, shelf life, explosion hazard, etc.

Choosing the optimal route taking into account weather and seasonal phenomena, as well as minimizing various risks along the way.

Establishing the terms of freight transportation, taking into account the above parameters.

Calculating the optimal cost, considering multiple options at the request of the customer.

A number of other less significant parameters, which together can have a substantial impact on the final decision.

Thus, Silver Logistics is fully prepared to solve a whole range of interrelated tasks. We work with over 200 meticulously hand-picked carriers that deliver the most outstanding results within the very least amount of time possible. Our internal staff training and qualification programs ensure your inquiries are processed quickly, efficiently, and with care.


Excellence and reliability

By offering services at affordable prices while striving to provide quality work and make a good impression on customers, Silver Logistics fulfills any transportation or logistics orders.

Speed and high quality

The Silver Logistics company has put speed and quality as its central principles of operations.

Your logistics partner

Silver Logistics remains the leading company in its sector, providing nationwide logistics services while not forgetting about respect and mutual understanding.